As I'm sure you know (because you read the previous page completly, of course!) this area is almost exclusively dedicated to the wonderful world of Albion MUD. And I'm also sure that you are now (if you weren't already) fully up-to-speed on what a MUD is, and all that it entails, so I'm going to skip any more preamble and launch straight into the whole MUDdy quagmire that is my life online.

So, I play a character called Tazz. The reason behind the name is somewhat long and complicated, and I just can't be bothered to go into it. Suffice to say that I was somewhat new to the whole Role-Playing idea when I started and I just chose the best cartoon character I could think of. Oh, and I mis-spelled his name too, however, at the time, he was not well known, and in fact, almost everyone would say "Who's Taz" when I told them he was a Warner Bro's cartoon character... Heathens!

Anyway, this Tazz character... At the moment, he's a MIGHTY knight, as mighty as you can get in fact. All powerful, a complete set of skills, and all his statistics are as high as they can go. Unfortunately, he still gets his arse kicked quite often, and the need for a tactical retreat is normally not too far away... I say "at the moment" because I'm hoping that soon I'll be promoted to becoming an omnipotent wizard, and start doing constructive with the world. You see, as a wizard you can actually create new parts of the world for other, lowly mortal, players to explore... Be afraid, be VERY afraid :P

Enough with the explanations, onto the navigation... Your options on the left allow you access to all kinds of cool (relatively speaking) things such as maps of the current realms of Albion (soon to be irrelevant when the new City comes into existance), downloads for Albion and various MUD clients and (of course!) information on how to sneak past that pesky Network Administrator at work who blocks all your fun with that nasty firewall. Some nice tips, tricks & example files on how I have got through in the past to play in cyberspace. For obvious reasons, the way I currently play at work (not really Mr Network Admin :)) isn't on there, but when he finds the current hole and patches it, I'll release the details... ;)

Update: 14 Dec 02:
The Albion admin have decided that the maps were too detailed and would give players unfair advantages. As I said above, the maps would soon have become obsolete anyways, so I have removed them. I may re-add the Village, Forest and Knights guild maps at some point tho...

Update: 15 Nov 03:
I've created an unofficial Albion website , which you can find at: